Advantages of using managed storage over self-storage

Self -storage is billed as offering accessible, secure storage solutions as opposed to the alternative of managed container storage units. With self-storage, you are the only key holder, which adds an added sense of security, but it is also down to you to transport, unload, organise, and insure your goods whilst they are in storage.

Self-storage vs Managed Storage

One of the main advantages of self-storage facilities is accessibility. These facilities are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, which means that you can access your goods at any time. However, as a result of this, self-storage facilities must make sure their facilities are fully physically accessible, which results in only 60-65% of available space being used for storage. Taking into account the cost of running these facilities, they pass on the additional costs to their clients, as they need much more space for the same amount of storage units. Because of this, self-storage is often more expensive for storage units of a similar size.

As container storage doesn’t come with as many overhead costs for them to cover, it can often be much more cost-effective. With container storage, you cut out the middleman. By using Cube Removal Company’s storage services, our specialist team can prepare your goods for storage and transfer them to our secure facility, without the need for you to coordinate multiple companies on top of everything else there is to do on moving day. We view storage as part of the overall package, so can offer you good storage at a good price, as by using our facilities we keep costs to a minimum. And with a little notice, we can arrange access to your goods if you need – after all, how often will you need to access your belongings asap, or in the middle of the night!

Another advantage is that the people handling your goods will be the same people that have been handling your goods throughout the moving process, so you know everything is in safe hands.