Packing and Unpacking

Packing your belongings up correctly and efficiently can often be the difference between a stress-free experience when moving home, or a very stressful one. By ensuring your belongings are correctly packed. We work with all of our clients to make sure your belongings are packed using a service that suits you – whether you want to do it yourself, use our packing materials, use us and our expert team to partly pack your belongings, or use us to pack away everything. The decision is yours.

When considering packing options and deciding whether or not you should opt for a full packing service, there are a few things we recommend bearing in mind. Firstly, do you have the time to spare to make sure everything is packed away securely and in an organised fashion? Our professional packers can get a home fully packed in a matter of hours, whereas when our clients pack their own belongings, it can take the best part of a few days. We cover a magnitude of locations including Redditch, Bromsgrove, Halesowen, Stourbridge and many more across the UK to ensure you have a local Cube Removal Company available for you.

Our Packing and Unpacking Service

We would always highly recommend to our clients that if they are packing their own belongings, to use our packing materials. At Cube Removal Company, we provide high-quality packing materials that come from sustainable sources, including multiple sizes of cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. For specialist packing items such as painting crates, wardrobe cartons, and protective covers for furniture, these are available either on request or we can pack these items for you as part of a partial packing service.

Sometimes, you just want someone to take care of some of the packing for you – we offer a partial packing service which is perfect for clients looking for a service like this.

For our partial packing service, we will only pack up certain rooms of the house for you. This includes furniture and everything else in the room – we will neatly pack everything away in our specialist boxes, leaving you to focus on packing what you want to.

To make sure all of your belongings are taken care of, using our full packing service is the best way to ensure everything is packed in order to keep it safe during transport, nice and organised (so you know where everything is at the other end), and as quickly as possible.

There is nothing our professional packing and removal specialists haven’t packed before, therefore we can often pack your belongings much faster than you usually can yourself, minimising disruption to you and your family and making sure you don’t feel stressed.

Making sure everything is exactly where you need it when you move in is a priority for many of our clients at Cube Removal Company. We always make sure that your furniture and boxes are in the correct rooms, but if we are needed to, we can always offer our full unpacking services in order to get you settled in as quickly as possible.

If we have disassembled any furniture, we can also reassemble it in your new home for you. Usually, this includes items such as beds, sofas, and other large pieces of furniture that can’t easily be stacked and transported to your new home.

Partial unpacking is where we unpack some of the items which have been transported into the new home. Usually, this includes kitchen items and counter-top appliances, larger soft furnishings such as rugs, and decorative items.

A full unpacking is exactly what it sounds like, we make sure everything is taken out of the moving boxes and laid out flat on flat surfaces, ready for you to pop away into their rightful place. This is the best unpacking option to choose if you want to be completely hands-off on moving day, as it makes sure the experience is as stress-free as possible.

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