About Cube Removals

We’re not like other removal companies

We combine great customer service with cutting edge technology in order to provide the best possible services to our clients; whether it be removals,  storage or packing and unpacking you can rely on Cube Removals.

We recognise that moving day (and everything that comes with it) can be stressful – after all, we’ve all been there! Above all else, our job is to put our clients at ease and to reassure them that everything is in safe hands, and their belongings will be looked after. In addition to just doing a fantastic job, we believe that the best way to give our clients true peace of mind is by providing them with a single point of contact at Cube Removal Company, and a 24/7 online portal with live updates that can be checked at any time.

Transparency is incredibly important to us, as it allows our clients to trust us. We are completely transparent, we provide our clients with everything from the details of your quote, including how much we will charge, what that includes, and how it breaks down, to who will attend your appointments, and what time we will arrive. This will be clearly communicated to you both online, and from your dedicated point of contact at Cube Removal Company so you understand exactly how our removals process works.

Meet the team

The Cube Removal Company team has grown into a family of specialists from the removals, property, customer service, and technology industries. Our team aim to provide our clients with a complete, all-round service for removals Bromsgrove, Redditch and across the heart of the UK. Find out more about our team below.

Daniel Clarke

Daniel Clarke

Operations Manager and Removals Surveyor

I am the Operations Manager at Cube Removal Company. I am responsible for as operational planning and job resourcing, as well as fleet management (our removal trucks), Vehicle Inspectorate compliance. I am also a highly experienced removals surveyor and have worked in the removals and storage sector for 12 years now.

I enjoy the freedom afforded to me to be able to implement change within the business. I enjoy being able to deliver the Company’s Client Care strategy, something which I am extremely passionate about. I thrive on the responsibility I am given and find every day a refreshing challenge.

I have worked in the removals and storage industry for 12 years. I am a highly experienced Class 1 (C+E entitlement) driver, both nationally and internationally. In my career, I have driven to most European cities and beyond, ensuring Clients safely receive their belongings in their new home, in whichever country that may be.

Outside of work you can usually find me either playing football, or playing games with my two girls and spending quality time with them.

Jason Maloney

Jason Maloney

Removals Surveyor, Class 2 Removal Driver, and Training Manager.

I enjoy all parts of my role at Cube Removal Company; I enjoy the removal side as it keeps me active. I enjoy the removals surveying role as I get to be professional about my job and share my knowledge with clients/potential clients. I am responsible for training new staff so they work to the high standards set by Cube Removal Company. This includes delivering training both in the class room as well as the practical training and development needed to effectively equip crew members with the right skill set.

I have done a lot of jobs in my work career – I have worked in loads of warehouses, I have been a bus driver for a few years and I have now worked in removals for over four years.

I don’t have much time available for hobbies, my girls and family keep me busy whenever I am not at work. However, time permitting, I do like playing football. I also have a great interest in automotive mechanics/vehicle repairs. I undertake my own vehicle repairs as well as helping friends and family members with their car problems.  I try to spend as much time with my children as possible, as they are growing up far too quickly.

Sean Reynolds

Sean Reynolds

Warehouse Manager and Removal Porter

At Cube Removal Company, I am in charge of the storage facilities, ensuring client’s belongings are stored correctly and safely. I hold an advanced forklift licence. I am also a removal man with a lot of years under my belt.

I enjoy being involved in the planning of our next storage facility, being involved in the warehouse planning stages and learning how the new warehouse software will be used to deliver a first class storage service to our clients. Removals (the actual big day) is in my blood so I do enjoy getting out with a crew, being on a job and helping our Clients to achieve their dream.

Before beginning my career as a removal man many years ago, I have previously worked as a landscape gardener as well as a forklift driver in the removals and storage industry.

Outside of work, I’m usually playing, watching, or otherwise obsessing over football. Liverpool football club is my life!

Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore

Removal Administration Assistant and Removal Porter

I assist with office based duties, including liaising with clients, preparing and reviewing job worksheets and preparing removal crew briefing sheets. I am also an experienced removal porter with over 8 years experience in both the domestic and commercial removals sector. My roles allow me to meet new people and I thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie with my work colleagues. My role as a removal porter “seeing our clients move into their new home” gives me an immense sense of satisfaction. For me, it is knowing that I have had a direct impact on making that process less stressful and somewhat enjoyable. Needless to say, I love the physical side of the job, it truly is fantastic exercise.

I have previously worked in the removals sector, in retail management, the bookmaking industry as well as time spent working in plumbing, carpentry and minor building works. I am by no means a full fledged plumber, carpenter (or builder) but I am certainly very capable of these works.

Additionally, I have worked extensively in warehouse management before moving into the sales and marketing department of the same logistics company.
I have 3 children so like many parents, finding time for my hobbies is limited. I do have a huge amount of interest in DIY and home improvement work. Educationally, I have a deep interest in history and science. I taught myself some computer programming and naturally, there lies an interest in computers generally.

Florin Molcut

Florin Molcut

3.5 Tonne Removal Driver and Removal Porter

I am a 3.5 tonne removal driver and porter. Removals has always been “an early start” business and this is something I love about my job. I am not much of a sleeper so on busy move days, I tend to get into our yard at around 5am to double and triple check all of the lorries and equipment on the vehicles.  As a removal porter and someone who has extensive experience in home improvements, I am often tasked with the more complex furniture dismantling and reassembly tasks for our Clients moves. This is something which gives me an immense amount of enjoyment and job satisfaction.

I have previously worked as an asbestos removal contractor, a job which I enjoyed but found it very lonely and isolated work.

Thereafter, I have worked on behalf of private landlords, conducting property maintenance, including plumbing works, property refurbishment and painting and decorating. This was in addition to similar works I was contracted to undertake on behalf of a large Local Authority on their disability team.

I am very limited on time like many parents when it comes to personal hobbies. The kids are forever getting me to run them here and there. I do however enjoy trampolining (usually with my girls).

Antique furniture is something I am very interested in. Over the years, I have collected many unique pieces and continue to broaden my collection.

In terms of practical interests, I am a highly experienced home improvements individual. I can do the vast majority of home improvements and to a very high standard.

Ray Tilzey

Ray Tilzey

Removal Porter

I am a highly experienced removal porter with over 10 years experience in both the domestic and commercial removals sector. You will often see me on packing teams and as part of the removal crew on some of our largest moves where my experience really comes into play.

I enjoy delivering a first class service to our Clients. It is crucial for me that our Client is made to feel at ease and that they know we have everything under control. I am told by many that I have a very calming influence and an incredible sense of humour (the clients say). At the end of the day, if I can make our Clients have a little humour on moving day, make things that little much easier for them, then I am happy. If the Client is happy, I have done my job correctly, I have delivered and for me, that is what my job and my role is about. Client comes first.

I have previously worked for a very large international removal company, working in a broad spectrum within the industry. I have extensive experience in both domestic and commercial moves, as well as extensive involvement in international shipment with a significant number of years handling European transit work, something which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I am like the kid at school who always had his head buried in electronics and consumer electronics. Yes, I am an electronics repairer. I can repair mobile phones, screen repairs, battery replacements and mobile phone rebuilds (including the boss’s when he drops his phone and needs the screen replacing).

I am an avid gaming fanatic and regularly play online against other gaming fanatics around the world.

Back in reality and away from gaming, I also undertake computer/PC repairs, an interest which was spurred on by my interest in mobile phone repairs. Sunday afternoons are usually spent rebuilding computers for other people.

Bianca Andrea

Bianca Andrea

Removal Administration Assistant and Removal Porter

I spend most of my time in the office assisting with administrative duties. This includes assisting with the preparation of Client job sheets and Removal Crew job sheets. When document scanning is required, you will often find me chained to the office duplex scanner!

When I am not in the office on administrative duties, I am out with the men and being part of a removal crew, packing for our Clients, assisting with loading our removal trucks and moving our Clients into their new dream home.

My work is varied and this is a Company where two days are never the same, never. My role is never dull and working for Cube Removal Company gives me a good feeling – a feeling that I am valued and I am included in the team. It’s a great place to work.

Cube Removal Company has helped me develop as a person and invested in time and training to equip me with new skills to undertake things which I hadn’t done previously.

I have assisted my father’s business (a plasterer) and know how to make a “good mix” for the trowel. Probably not many females who could say that. It has certainly been an experience and something which I really enjoyed.

I am also a keen painter and undertaken a lot of painting and decorating works for my father’s property maintenance business.

I am a kickboxer and martial arts fanatic. I try to spend at least 2 hours each night focussed on my kickboxing training and developing both my physical and mental strength. I am not your “average” girl and don’t do any of the usual makeup and hair malarkey.

I am a keen walker and will often be seen on nature trails and walks through Studley and up in Henley-in-Arden (often armed with the Company’s golden Labrador on one arm and our black Labrador on the other).

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