Why not to use a 'Man-and-Van' service

When looking at options for removal services, it’s easy to see why simple man and van services may look more appealing than a full removal company. Of course, the main factor that comes into play is the price – it’s much cheaper to hire a man and van than a storage and removal company. However, it may work out more expensive in the long run and will usually be much more of a hassle.

Man and van vs Removal companies

Firstly, a man and van service may be able to simply transport your belongings from one property to another (albeit usually in multiple trips, with some risk involved) but what about what happens at either end? Removal services offered by companies like Cube Removal Company cover everything, from packing up your belongings safely and securely at one end, to unpacking and assembling in your new home. We can even arrange storage for those items that you can’t yet find a home for.

As mentioned above, oftentimes man and van services only have relatively small vehicles at their disposal and this means they have to make multiple trips to transport everything from most properties. Specialist house removal companies like Cube Removal Company have entire fleets of vehicles of many different sizes at their disposal, from smaller vans to Luton vans, to large trucks. With these vehicles, we are able to transport most properties’ contents in a single trip. However, not all of the issues with man and van services are down to size. There are also issues with safety.

Of course, we assume that other removal companies and even man and van services make sure they drive with care and caution on the road, doubly so when their vehicle is full of someone else’s prized possessions. However, when on the road with other drivers, accidents very occasionally do happen, so it’s important to ensure all of your belongings are protected. At Cube Removal Company we make sure that your belongings are fully insured when in our care, so even if the worst were to happen, you have the reassurance that you would be protected.