Late Key Waiver

Moving is already a stressful experience, and at Cube Removal Company one of our most important goals is to minimise stress on moving day as much as possible. A late key waiver is a service where you can pay a small amount to protect yourself from any charges that may accrue as a result of delays in moving. It is a one-off fee paid before moving day and ensures that if any delays occur, our removal team can wait for up to three hours at no additional cost to yourself.

In our experience, most delays are resolved well within three hours.

Even with all the best planning in the world, there is always a chance that delays may happen, caused by things out of your control such as the previous owners of the property being late to move out, issues with transfer or clearance of funds elsewhere in the chain, or a hold up caused by estate agents or solicitors elsewhere in the chain. Unfortunately, when this happens, unexpected costs build-up for us, and you may be billed for these.

Our Late Key Waiver Service

Our initial quote for a move is based on multiple things, mainly the following: the estimated time is taken to complete the move, the number of crew members needed, and number/type of vehicles.

Unfortunately, the longer these crew members and vehicles take on their job, the more costs build up. Not only that, but legally our drivers require a certain amount of rest between working days, so delays may impact other work.

As part of our late key waiver service, we can minimise these potential costs ahead of time, resulting in an overall cheaper move for yourself if any delays occur (compared to not opting for a late key waiver service)