Packing Materials

Cube Removal Company uses only the best quality packaging materials when packing up our clients belongings for transport and removal. For our clients who wish to pack their own belongings, we’re also able to provide a range of packing supplies to you in order to ensure you can securely package your most treasured belongings in a safe and organised manner.

Cube Removal Company Packing Materials

Our materials are all sourced from ethical and sustainable sources and are manufactured to a high standard. Not all cardboard boxes are created equal, and we believe that in order to offer a truly high standard of services, even our cardboard boxes need to be built to last so they can safely carry your belongings. Beyond that, we also recognise that not everything can be packed for transport the same way. Specialist items, such as large paintings, delicate rugs or other possessions may require more bespoke solutions – not simply lots of bubble wrap. For these more unique items, please contact our experienced team so we can discuss the best items for you.